Joan Miró – untitled 2
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Joan Miró


The body language, and the freshness which were depicted in his work, were some of the most well known characteristics, which were found on the canvases that were created by Joan Miro during the later part of his career. The special attention that he paid to the material he was working on, and the distinct forms, were also characteristic of the works he created during the final years of his career as an artist.

During the final years of his career, much of the work which Joan Miro created, took more of an interest on symbolism, and the message that was being portrayed, as opposed to the actual image, and the exacting features which were created in these works. He would take less focus on the theme of the figure that was being depicted, and focused more on the symbol and the message that emerged from the final piece that was depicted to the general public. The eccentric style in which Joan Miro created, is an embodiment of the unique approach he took not only to the work he created, but to the art world in general, and the many unique forms of art which he created during the course of his illustrious career.

Untitled, lithograph

Artist: Joan Miró


50 x 30 cm